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宇宙骑士利刃Tekkaman Blade

Tekkaman Blade

ⒸSOTSU·Tatsunoko Production

D Boy transforms into the solitary warrior, Tekkaman Blade, in the 1992 hard SF action animation series. To save mankind, he fights against the mysterious organism Radam, which suddenly attacks and invades Earth.


小蜜蜂寻母记The Adventures of Hutch, the Honeybee

The Adventures of Hutch, the Honeybee

©Tatsunoko Production

After his homeland is destroyed by a large swarm of wasps, Hutch, the Honeybee ventures into the world. He goes to search for his mother, the queen bee, from whom he was separated during the disaster. Through his wandering, Hutch grows to be strong and brave as he observes the lives and deaths of numerous other insects.


喷嚏大魔王The Genie Family

The Genie Family

©Tatsunoko Production

Three genies living in an old jar, only appear when someone nearby happens to sneeze, hiccup or yawn. Although they are devoted to their new masters, their attempts to help always come out badly. This series is filled with fantasy, action and excitement.